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Dylcia Pagan and ToaDylcia Pagan needs your financial support due to major damage to her home in Loiza, Puerto Rico sustained during Hurricane Irma and Maria.

A former Puerto Rican political prisoner who, because of her powerful work towards the liberation of Puerto Rico, Dylcia Pagan spent almost twenty years in prison. In 1999, President Bill Clinton commuted her prison sentence, the result of years of social justice organizing worldwide. She is currently residing in Loiza, Puerto Rico, where she lives as an artist, and continues her powerful work for social change. The community that she resides in was one of the most devastated by Hurricane Irma and Maria, and her home, which sits adjacent to the ocean, was very damaged by flooding and wind. The infrastructure of her home was damaged, as well as many of her belongings, including the tools she uses for her livelihood.

Dylcia is in need of funds, not only to recover from the hurricane, but also to continue working on her dream of turning her residence into Casa Casiqua Yuisa, a center for learning and celebrating Puerto Rican culture, with an emphasis and Taino and Afro-Puerto Rican history, and the history of Loiza. Settled by Nigerians of the Yoruba tribe in the 16th century, Loíza is a center for African traditions, retaining one of the highest percentages of African descendants of all of Puerto Rico.

Join us in honoring this incredible visionary by contributing funds for the recovery of her home, and the creation of her vision. All funds will be sent directly to Dylcia Pagan.

Click here to make a donation.

You can also make a donation through Dylcia Pagan’s PayPal account to:  dpatrialibre@gmail.com.

Dylcia Pagan


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