Esperanza Martell: Community Organizer, Artist, and Mentor


Esperanza MartellIf you need coaching and support in achieving a specific personal or professional goal, Esperanza Martell is available for advice, training and guidance. An amazingly powerful and inspirational mentor to thousands, Esperanza focused on specific tasks and or objectives. Looking at the nine areas of your life, what stops you from realizing your dreams? and creating a realistic action plan to make life happen for you. 


Esperanza graduated from City College and the Hunter College School of Social Work (now the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College) in 1986 with a concentration in Community Organizing. In the last 30 years, she has taught several courses throughout the CUNY system. She was also a visiting scholar at Smith College School of Social Work and Pacific College of Education. As a Revson Fellow at Columbia University (2003-2004), she studied Peace and Human Rights education from a race, class, gender perspective. For over 20 years she taught a critical course in Community Organizing to undergraduate Hunter College students that has become a foundation course for the new minor. She has been a faculty advisor and field instructor for the CO students at Silberman School of Social Work. Esperanza specializes in organizational development, team building, leadership skills, conflict resolution, diversity training, and alternative healing.

Her life’s work is working closely with political activists and organizations to promote anti-oppression and social justice work, sustainability, the transformation of capitalism and healing in community. One of her many passions is training poor working class women of color, youth and their allies to transform their lives and take on capitalism. Her trainings focus on Critical Thinking, basic organizing skills, conflict resolution, civil disobedience, direct action, legislative work, police violence, coalition building, life-skills and self-care for the long haul.

Esperanza is the founder of the Urban Atabex Healing in Community, Organizing and Training Network, a consulting and coaching practice. On a community level she facilitates healing circles trainings, support groups, and individuals using her own culturally based techniques for emotional self-healing, empowerment and organizing.

She is an active supporter and a stand for the freedom of all political prisoners: Mumia Abu Jamal, Leonard Paltrier, and many more. As an internationalist, she works on issues of peace with justice worldwide.

She was one of the co-founders of Casa Atabex Ache a Women of Color Self-Healing Center in the South Bronx. She has been on the boards of many social justice organizations: the Brecht Forum, ProLibertad, The North Star Fund, IFCO /Pastors for Peace to name a few. She coordinated the Brecht Forums Popular Education Institute, Paulo Freire: Education for Liberation Workshops for over 15 years. She has also worked with various Women and Organizations in the US and Puerto Rico to end male violence, US militarism, and colonialism.

Esperanza’s Ceramic Sculpture de Terra y Mar, has allowed her to create sacred space for manifestation and self-renewal. It allows her to find a new way to express her ideas about life, her Boricua African/Taino heritage, women’s culture, freedom, peace and spirituality.

Her publications include: “Learning in Community: A Transformative Healing Educational Model for Teaching Community Organizing,” Holistic Engagement Transformative Education for Social Workers in the 21St Century, Oxford University Press (2016). “In the Belly of the Beast – Beyond Survival,” The Puerto Rican Movement: Voices from the Diaspora, Temple University Press (1998).

Throughout the years Esperanza has been honored with many awards recognizing her Human Rights work for Peace with Justice in New York and Puerto Rico. Recently she was a recipient of the Festival de los Reyes en Vieques, PR Diaspora Award (2018), the National Association of Social Work award from the Task Force of Social Workers of African Descent (2017) and Latino Social Work Task Force (2016).

If you are ready to challenge yourself call Esperanza Martell at  (212) 927-9065. She is available for ongoing coaching by telephone beginning March 2018. Rate: $30. for a 1/2 hour.


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