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Ramón J. JiménezA Voice for the Bronx’s Powerless Falls Silent

By David Gonzalez (The New York Times, May 15, 2016)

Three words, “Harvard-educated lawyer,” have followed Ramón J. Jiménez ever since he skipped his 1974 law school graduation, hopped on a bus and returned to New York City. The words were intended not as a boast, but as a warning to anyone who might underestimate him: a legal paladin in a cluttered South Bronx office that was both a salon for progressive political action and a destination of last resort for the wronged, the injured and the falsely accused. Read more…

Ramón J. Jiménez

My beautiful, beautiful, kind, gentle, loving father…

By Laila Roman-Jiménez (May 10, 2016)

My father was truly one of a kind. He didn’t care for material things, fancy clothes, he knew nothing of labels, didn’t care if you were rich or poor, he only cared about what was in your heart. He had this amazing ability to see the good in everyone. He was not one to hold back on compliments, many people find it difficult to verbalize their love, but my dad enjoyed telling people he loved them, he would always point out people’s strengths. He made all around him feel so important. He was always able to bring out the good in people. Read more…

Ramón J. Jiménez - El Leon del BronxShadowboxing Socrates of the Working Class

By Robert Lipsyte (The New York Times, December 4, 1994)

Ramón Jiménez s up on the balls of his feet, shadowboxing in front of his class, rolling his shoulders, throwing out his questions like quick jabs. “Another prisoner accuses you of stealing steaks from the kitchen, do you get to confront him? Does due process apply? You’ve got 24 hours to set up your defense. Should you go to a jailhouse lawyer? What’s it like in there? You think you sleep till 11, watch your soaps, then work on your muscles?” Read more…

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